It was reported last week that Andrew Yang would be suspending his campaign for the United States presidency. This came as a blow to many Andrew Yang supporters but was also significant with the crypto industry. This is because Andrew Yang has always been pro-crypto and many crypto enthusiasts were hoping to see him in the White House pushing pro-crypto regulations and bringing more of digital currency to the forefront. In every election, individuals tend to throw their weight behind certain candidates who serve their interests and for many in the crypto industry, Andrew Yang was such a candidate. 

It seems there might be some hope on the horizon as there are rumors that Andrew Yang might be pursuing a different political position following the ending of his presidential campaign.

Yang for Mayor? 

Yang has been popular among crypto users because he had outlined plans for the promotion of crypto use within America and even the implementation of blockchain-based voting during elections. One of his fundraising campaigns even allowed donations in cryptocurrency. He has been very vocal about the need for America to improve on its investment into cryptocurrency and blockchain and pointed out that many countries are ahead of it in that regard. He also criticized the harshness of Congress towards Facebook‘s upcoming Libra project in 2019.

“It’s embarrassing to see the ignorance some members of Congress display when talking about technology, and anyone who watched Congress question Mark Zuckerberg is well aware of this. Without a base level of understanding, it’s unreasonable to expect proper regulation of major tech companies, or the drafting of legislation that addresses the critical technological issues that we’ll continue to face in artificial intelligence and cybersecurity,” he said at the time. 

Despite being unable to drum up enough support to defeat other candidates such as Senator Elizabeth Warren and Senator Bernie Sanders, he has alluded to running for some sort of office within New York City and some think he might be looking towards a run as mayor. This could be another way to push his views about cryptocurrency and blockchain even if it is within a single state.

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