The organization ensures that the investment in these initiatives is part of a set of new strategies, of which they will offer information in the coming months.

Anonymous, the world’s largest clandestine hacker group in the world, announced the investment of an equivalent to USD $75 million in Bitcoin to finance companies and startups that develop products for the protection of personal data and/or guarantee anonymity in financial transactions with cryptocurrencies.

The organization published a statement on its official website, in which it acknowledges the donation and states that it has already opened the application period for companies / non-profit organizations interested in developing products and services framed in the aforementioned guidelines.

The statement stipulates:

“We are ready to fight for change. The manipulation of people is present not only in politics, but also in our daily lives. A perfect example is the level of addiction that the general population has to social networks: orchestrated addiction and achieved by corporations. “

The administrators of the web site informed that they would publish more details regarding the projects accepted to the extent that they authorize the sharing of such information, and warn that this could take a few months as they will carefully evaluate the applications submitted.

Rethinking the objectives

Originally Anonymous became known for attacks and security breaches perpetuated to important companies and government organizations, maintaining the fight against social and financial controls imposed on citizens with the support of new technologies.

The financing of projects and initiatives that protect the anonymity of people seems to constitute a change of approach with respect to the activities led by the hacker organization, since they now adopt a position in which they maintain the struggle for their ideals, promoting development of solutions that take advantage of the potential of Blockchain and cryptocurrencies.

At the moment there is no information regarding the origin of the funds or their distribution. Some critics indicate that it could be a scam since there are not many details about the initiative, so they invite interested companies to be very cautious.

For now, this seems only the beginning of the organization’s plans beyond what appears to be a marketing strategy, since the statement concludes with the following sentence:

“Investing is just the beginning. Anonymous has developed a series of strategies and methods that we will announce later.”

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