Apple’s Tim Cook said the global tech giant will not create its own cryptocurrency, making everyone wonder if Steve Jobs had a similar opinion.

Steve Jobs was one of the brightest minds of the twentieth and twenty-first century in terms of revolutionary technology inventions and ideas, having created Pixar and Apple, and leading the resurgence of what is now the best rated company in the world thanks to the iPod, iPad , to the iPhone and the line of personal computers.

The incidence of Steve Jobs in the technological world was so great that many asked the question whether this character could have been Satoshi Nakamoto, or at least participated in the creation of Bitcoin (BTC) and the Blockchain. Unfortunately there is no known reference for Steve Jobs and cryptocurrencies, unless we have knowledge.

For its part, the current CEO of Apple Tim Cook recently said that Apple has no intention of launching its own cryptocurrency.

In an interview with the international media, any kind of speculation of dreamers within the crypto ecosystem that Apple could join in the short term to the crypto ecosystem was completed, and also added “It seems bad that companies are creating their own forms of money.”

In said interviews, Apple CEO continued to express:

“These projects take away the power of fiscal policies from governments and states, currencies should always remain in the hands of their respective countries.

I don’t feel comfortable with the idea that a private group establishes a currency that is able to detract from fiat money. ”

Unfortunately, Apple is one of the few hi-tech companies that has not opted for the future of cryptocurrencies, and therefore has not added any functionality to its devices. Unlike how Samsung did it with the cryptocurrency wallet integrated in its flagship device of the S10, or HTC in its Exodus ONE.

On the other side of the (crypto) currency, last month, Apple Pay Vice President Jennifer Bailey said that:

“The company is watching cryptocurrencies very closely, we think they have a very interesting potential in the long term.”

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