Although it sounds paradoxical for crypto enthusiasts, Apple has publicly recommended the Brave browser.

Apple, a company that develops equipment and applications for smart devices, recently added the Brave browser to its list of “New applications we love” for users in Hong Kong, which allows users to use digital currencies and rewards them with their cryptocurrency native to see advertising.

The decision is somewhat paradoxical for analysts and enthusiasts of the digital currency ecosystems, since Brave’s listing within the group of recommended applications comes a few days after pressure from managers for Coinbase to withdraw its service from search for dApps (decentralized applications) through your wallet for iOS.

Apple, Brave and cryptocurrencies

Although this recommendation was only for customers residing in Hong Kong, the fact that Apple recommends Brave to users reveals some openness on the part of the company regarding the use of digital currencies. This browser is among the best known for promoting the use of MetaMask among those who wish to make transactions with digital currencies.

In addition to the ad-resistant browser, Brave is also working on the development of its own wallet with properties of interest to crypto users and is also the main operator of Basic Attention Token (BAT), a cryptocurrency that ranks 31st among the most reputed for the ecosystem whose value today is USD $0.19.

While Apple does not appear to be interested in venturing into the digital currency ecosystem, the company is quite high within its systems for payments with fiat money with the launch of Apple Card last year. This announcement generated great stir among the followers of the company, who expressed their expectations for the practicality that resulted and for the alleged guarantees of privacy offered against payments with cryptocurrencies.

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