The team that underlies Bankera, and which is creating the bank for the blockchain era has recently launched and released its very own lending solution called Bankera loans. The solution is primarily geared towards the provision of flexible and secure crypto-backed and based loans to cryptocurrency enthusiasts globally. The credits start from a neat 100 EUR and can go up to about 1 million EUR.

Bankera loans suffice as an option through which crypto owners that require expedient financial facilitation can use in the event that they do not wish to liquidate their positions. The solution also works to offer clients the opportunity to take out loans by staking cryptocurrencies which are used as surety and which help them retain the ownership of the assets.

Bankera loans has the aim of democratizing access to essential and significant banking services for all cryptocurrency users, enthusiasts, traders, and investors. It does this by caricaturing loan solutions that are flexible and useful to individuals and even businesses. “We see a significant interest from the community in smaller crypto-backed coins. This market has been massively underserved, and typically, loan minimums in the current market are often too high. Bankera solution offers our clients the possibility to take a loan of as low as 100 EUR so that all clients can obtain the financing they need. “The above settlements were issued by the co-founder of Bankera Vyatautas Karalevicius.

The solution is also friendly and welcoming to business clients who are looking to employ their crypto assets to get quick financing that will enable them to have an advantage for positions, expand their businesses and many more options.

Bankera loans are as of present the third product from the bunker is an ecosystem. It follows the company’s initial solution Spectrocoin, which was a cryptocurrency brokerage that was released in the year 2013. It now boasts a neat 81 million customers. This is in addition to the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency trading platform Bankera Exchange that was launched at the beginning of this year.

Bankera is seeking to be the bank of the future as far as matters blockchain are concerned. It is as of present continually working to create an ecosystem of products and services that will serve the blockchain era and the crypto economy to the fullest. As per a press release announcing the release of the lending solution Bankera digital bank will help towards the provision of financial services that include but are not limited to savings and loans accounts, low-cost investment products and crypto funds. Should this be the case, Bankera will have successfully merged the world of banking and the world of blockchain into one.

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