Binance is one of the most successful companies within the crypto space and has dominated in the crypto exchange business, developer support as well as various charitable endeavors. The company is also known to be a rather ambitious one and have seen major growth in the last few years and this was only heightened when they announced that they would be expanding their business into the United States, though no official launch date was given at the time.

Now, some more information is known about this as Binance has announced that the launch of the US exchange will take place in the next few weeks and that know-your-customer verification will take place a few days prior and this gives customers the opportunity to authorize the accounts as well as make deposits of their funds before the launch takes place.

Coming to America 

This new development is a highly welcome one as many users who used to make use of the Binance platform from the US found themselves shut out of several trading opportunities and there was a significant push for Binance to expand to the United States to make the services available.

“Binance.US is a fast, compliant, and secure digital asset marketplace. As a local partner of the global Binance ecosystem, we bring the best-in-class technology, speed, and execution of Binance to everyday users in the United States,” the post said. 

Ahead of the launch, Binance has released guidelines on how customer verification will take place and this involves the provision of a government-issued means of identification such as a passport or drivers license as well as a Social Security number and customers that urged to have these on hand to avoid any delays.

Upon initial launch, Binance US will be available for desktop and mobile use though it has been stated that a mobile app will be available at some point in the future. It is understandable that Binance would want to expand into the United States as the country has a large crypto-enthusiastic population and is a source for great business within the crypto to industry.

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