In the same way as in past Bitcoin Cash updates, the mining community will be responsible for installing such updates on their computers.

Bitcoin Cash, the cryptocurrency that was born from the Hard Fork made to the Bitcoin network in August 2017, will have a new update for this November 15, in which the Bitcoin ABC team prepares some important changes to improve the protocol of the Blockchain network.
Among the new features that will be incorporated into the network is the Schnorr support for OP_Checkmultisig, which implements a more complex mechanics to make multi-signature transactions easier, as well as the application of the “Minimaldata” rule, which will allow to provide more secure transactions in the Bitcoin Cash network making them less malleable.

The developers of the Bitcoin ABC team reported for the first time about these changes last September, indicating that these new properties were duly planned, specified and developed well in advance, in order to meet all quality standards for provide the Bitcoin Cash protocol with greater functionality and versatility.

Schnorr signatures for OP_Checkmultisig (Verify)

In relation to Schnorr signatures for OP_Checkmultisig (Verify) it complements the first implementation of this type of signatures.

The programmers clarify that “this update extends that existing support to OP_Checkmultisig … so that all signature verification operations will now support Schnorr type”. They also indicated that in August they made a preliminary test that proved successful.

Mark Lundeberg, software engineer for the development team, said:

“For this to work elegantly, we have used a strange element of the Bitcoin Script language, where OP_Checkdatasig removes an additional unused element from the stack. That fictional element has finally found a use … Without it, we would have had to do something technically more disturbing and uncomfortable. The multigrade fictional element was always understood as a mistake, but in this case it became a happy accident. “

About Minimaldata

In the case of Minimaldata, this implementation generates many expectations among community members, since its application eliminates the BIP 62 malleability vector, making BCH network transactions (including all P2PKH operations) invulnerable to manipulation.

As such, it gives the network greater immutability, as it provides additional capabilities that provide Merkle evidence of both included and excluded transactions in the blocks, allowing SPV wallets to know if a particular transaction was within a block. or not.

Scheduled update

In order for people to begin to familiarize themselves with the new changes that the update will bring, the Bitcoin ABC team indicated that a test network is available, in which they will be able to check the compatibility of the new implementations and create products that incorporate these properties.

The update for the network is scheduled for November 15 of this year, and as in the previous processes, the mining community must install the new configuration that day to begin processing the network blocks under this new programming.

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