The provider of payments and technology, Alchemy has recently revealed the launch of the Startup’s hybrid payment solution. The payment solution is a platform that is geared towards connecting cryptocurrency with retailers throughout the world. Alchemy’s crypto solution constitutes integration with Qfpay, which is a world-acclaimed third-party payment company that measures in the provision of payment services for about 1.2 million affiliated merchants.

There now exists a new cryptocurrency point-of-sale, PoS solution that is hoping to cover a great number of retailers throughout Asia and Europe. Alchemy is a payment provider that allows its users to remit payments with more than 30 digital assets that include bitcoin cash. Recently the company published an announcement detailing that the digital assets used for payments will be able to be settled in local Fiat. The company insists this has been done in order to mitigate crypto volatility.

As per Alchemy, the company’s hybrid payment solution is as of now available in Singapore Japan and also Hong Kong. This comes along specific Midwest global Asia and pricerite locations. Following the announcement, it has now been revealed that Alchemy has collaborated with the payment company by the name of Qfpay, that boasts around 1.2 million affiliated merchants cutting across the globe. In the next few years, the firm indicates that it has plans to extend its global outreach to Southeast Asia, including Thailand, Australia, New Zealand and also Canada. France, Germany, and the Philippines, among others, are also set to be included in the bracket.

Additionally, as indicated by bitcoincashCity, through a recent tweet, Alchemy is attempting to extend its reach in the Middle East, especially in Dubai. According to a press release made by Alchemy, the company says, “currently businesses in most parts of Dubai are able to be paid by Qfpay’s point-of-sale or QR-code. Besides the technology of Burj khalifa’s ticket payment is also provided by Qfpay.”

The press release continues to say in part “this is a game-changer for the Global cryptocurrency market as it prepares cryptocurrency stewards in truly becoming a global currency. It creates real-life use cases for cryptocurrencies crypto holders can spend their cryptocurrencies to purchase goods and services in addition to the Investment functions.”

The above sentiments were echoed by Patrick Ngan, who serves as the co-founder and chief executive officer of Alchemy. He insists, “we will continue to integrate new and popular cryptocurrencies such as Facebook’s Libra to drive usage and liquidity for cryptocurrencies.”

The Startup maintains that the company’s main and chief agenda is the focus on helping countries that are in need of payment services to leverage cryptocurrencies. It insists that it believes digital currencies can improve economic development and social welfare worldwide.

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