Bitcoin cash City, what has come to be known as one of the world’s largest bitcoin cash conferences, has kicked off today in Townsville, North Queensland. The city is full of opportunities for the adoption, usage, and application of Bitcoin cash in day-to-day living and business activities. Due to this, it can be argued to be the most suited to promote a cryptocurrency that not only seeks to become a value storage entity but also the real-life and practical currency for anyone to use in their day-to-day endeavors.

The increasing propagation of BCH friendly enthusiasts, traders and investors and also merchants, has been very enabling for the city. In the recent past, it has become a possibility in the town to make and accept payments in bitcoin cash.

A number of enterprises accept the digital currency, ranging from coffee shops, convenience stores, and even cafes.

Giving his opinion on the bitcoin cash conference in Australia, the organizer of the meeting, Hayden Otto says, “returning bitcoin back on track as an electronic cash and showingthe imperative of the technology to the enterprises and the wider community .” The organizer says it is this capability that excites him most about the conference.

Townsville is estimated to have around 78 businesses and also service providers that can make and accept payments in BCH. The conference is set to run its course from the 4th of September to the 5th, a two-day duration that promises to be packed with everything crypto.

The conference will also feature 26 keynote speakers; a number of after-parties and numerous informal events and get-togethers after the conference’s agenda is done. Noel Lovisa, the chief executive officer of an indigenous software company called Code Valley, in opening the meeting as the second speaker provided a presentation by the title of “building the Bitcoin cash City.”

in his presentation Lovisa took note to emphasize the following as quoted in part” to develop a sustainable adoption in this region, we need to import bitcoin cash, we need to have an income stream in Bitcoin cash to drive the economy and we are blessed with certain assets in the North Queensland area.”

A conference participant, Julian Smith, insists that the first day of the Bitcoin cash City conference has just begun.

He continues to say, “I feel like this is a modern equivalent of the 1910 meeting at Jekyll Island, with an international cryptocurrency group of developers and evangelists to address the significant problems of allowing governments to continue to dominate the issue of cryptocurrency.”

Dr. Paul Chandler, the CEO, and founder of Aptissio Australia, the first startup, globally, to build bitcoin cash software employing new coding techniques highlighted the importance of the conference saying in part that it was necessary “to give control of money back to the people. “

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