Despite bitcoin cash been around for some years now a number of people are still ignorant of its existence. The platform has, however, generated a way to keep people up-to-date with crypto-related news and learn about the benefits of Bitcoin cash. This is done trough Discussions on podcasts and streaming media. For instance, the Bitcoin cast show is a BCH centred program that airs on YouTube and that serves to Foster user and merchant adoption cutting across the BCH ecosystem.

There exists a number of ways and Resources that allow people who are in need of keeping up-to-date with all bitcoin cash related happenings and even the concept itself. Streaming medium podcasts are a good idea for such people. That notwithstanding, a number of shows are geared and constitute of non-related price predictions and broadcast hosts who could care less about crypto. The Bitcoin cast show is a YouTube program that is different from these other shows and is hosted by BCH proponents Christian and Tao Jones.

Their show tells a different story as the show intro States “unlike other shows; we are not here to focus on price rather some more users merchant adoption of Bitcoin. Recently the show host Christian engaged Oscar salas in a discussion. Oscar Salas is the founder of the Maracaibo City Venezuela, BCH meet up. The show gives its listeners a unique perspective on the user and merchant adoption within the BCS ecosystem as it involves discussions concerning various subjects that surround the BCS technology.

The program has 36 episodes so far and has featured a wide array of well-acclaimed BCH developers, executives, influences and even enthusiasts. It believes in the crypto community and is a regular on Twitter. Among the Landmark moves of Bitcoin cast is the revelation that an SLP token was being created for the show and that the token was only to be given to past guests.

The token was created so the program’s guests who are known for spreading user and merchant adoption can be awarded in a decentralised way. Especially, anyone can send the Bitcoin cast shows guest BCH payment via’s SLP dividend payment calculator. The SLP dividend payment calculator is a tool that allows its users to send BCH dividend payments to token and holders and also enables people to AirDrop SLP token to token holders as well.

Bitcoin cast explained on Twitter that “all you need to do is paste the token ID into the SLP dividend calculator.” Christian has created a 5-minute tutorial video about the Bitcoin cast SLP token so that fans can be able to get a grasp of what the token entails. The video description indicates, “thanks in advance for any donations sent.” Should you want to learn about bitcoin cash or relax and listen to a casual show about the BCH environment bitcoin cast cuts it.

Alternatively and additionally, there are a few more YouTube shows, podcast and live streams that do actually cover BCH in great aspect and details. These include listening programs like Collin’s, Collin it like it is, the coinsprice podcast with C Edward Kelso, which is a popular YouTube show among others. As videos of streaming media continue to persist in growth and popularity alongside the growth of the Bitcoin cash network, there is the guarantee that there will be more and more BCH content that will be availed on the web. The Bitcoin cast is a unique program for people who simply want to focus on what they care about; BCH user and merchant adoption.

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