Compared to the rest of the world, European countries seem to be rather enthusiastic about the idea integrating cryptocurrency into everyday life and this can be seen through their very progressive laws regarding crypto and in France, a €500 million grand was approved by the government for the development of the blockchain industry. Earlier this year, Keplerk, a French start-up firm announced that they would be working on a new initiative that will allow individuals to buy cryptocurrency, specifically bitcoin, from tobacco shops and that this would stretch into thousands of locations. 

It has been announced on October 10, 2019 that Keplerk will re-launch with this effort and crypto users in France will be able to buy bitcoin from tobacco shops and this will extend to around 5,200 of them which makes it a great convenience.

Tobacco and Bitcoin 

This service was initially launched in January 2019 but folded up only two months after its launch. Now Keplerk will relaunch and French crypto users will once again by bitcoin of up to 50, 100 or 250 euros from tobacco shops. In terms of payments, Keplerk has partnered with Bimedia, who will be supporting the initiative by providing payment terminals to the various shops for the buying of cryptocurrency.

When the initiative was first launched in January 2019, is reported that only about six shops participated in the initiative and it was not an overwhelming success. Despite that, Keplerk management stated that they were hoping to expand the service to over 6500 tobacco shops even though the central bank did not support these efforts. Despite this, the central bank of France has been supportive of cryptocurrency as it was announced this year that crypto to crypto transactions will not be taxed according to the French law and this is yet another piece of the complicated tax code that France is putting in place for cryptocurrency.

Regardless, should this venture be a successful one, bitcoin and cryptocurrency, in general,l could be much more accessible to everyone.

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