With the popularity of BCH among proponents, quite a large number of supporters have come up with distinctive coins on the BCH blockchain. The SLP ecosystem has, with time moved towards maturity, and as of current, there exist several third-party solutions that support the token frame.

On the 23rd of August, bitcoin.com released a new addition to its tools portal that goes by the name of the SLP dividend calculator. The application is geared towards providing users with the capability to initiate group dividend payments to specific SLP token account holders. For example, if you wanted to distribute portions of an SLP token, to a group of three people, the application allows you to enter the tokens ‘holders’ ID and then will enable you to send the tokens to all the three holders at a particular point in time.

The potential to pay BCH dividend payments to SLP token holders via the new platform is embracive and encouraging to all on-the-ground and real-world consumption cases. The tool provides a service that offers you customization. After the tool customization is done away with, you are given the option to either start over a new transaction or build the operation. Should you choose to make the transaction, the application displays to you the exact happenings that take place after you release payments to a unique invoice.

It informs you of the token holders and the token IDs to which you are making payments. For any wallet that supports invoices such as the bitcoin.com wallet, it is possible to execute such payments where the user will have to copy the URL scheme or scan a QR code. On completing the transaction, it is broadcasted and logged in the next block. Then the transaction is also visible on bitcoin.com block Explorer or simpleledger.info.

With the tool comes a wide array of varieties of intriguing dividend payment ideas. It boosts the convenience of sending tokens to token holders. For example, if you wish to make about four transactions, all you have to do is copy-paste their wallet addresses, and the SLP payment system will distribute the tokens among all the four token holders at a specific time.

Since the announcement and launch of the application from bitcoin.com tool portal, many supporters of BCH have tested the platform, transacting payments to particular token holders. One BCH enthusiast is quoted as writing a review on the Reddit forum as “fantastic.”

He continues to say, “This application from bitcoin.com now gives us decentralized stock market … that is dead easy to use.”

Among the advantages of the new application by bitcoin.com is that the whole process takes an estimated time of about less than 3 minutes to complete. Additionally and very important is that the application is easy to use and does not require one to be a technology guru to use the new tool.

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