Bitcoin has celebrated over a decade of existence and during that time, a great number of changes have taken place. Bitcoin has essentially gone from a crowd-backed Internet concept to a global phenomenon that is bound to take over the world as time goes on. This includes price increases and declines over the years, institutional support and more relevance than ever. As bitcoin goes into a new phase of maturity along with the rest of the cryptocurrency industry, it is interesting to see just how much has changed since its early days and how much is bound to change as time goes on. 

Accord is one of the earliest bitcoin Pioneers, the bitcoin landscape has changed significantly since the early days and not necessarily for the better.

Changing Times 

The pioneer in question is Eric Finnman who famously became a millionaire at age 18 due to bitcoin investments and according to him, the landscape is not what it was in 2011.

“Bitcoin, when it first came out, was incredible. It wasn’t just cutting edge technology – it was bleeding edge! You just felt the energy in the air. That this was the real deal. Everyone felt united in this cause — this mission. Those were some of the most beautiful moments of my life,” he says. 

A lot of this change, according to him, can be attributed to the community behind crypto, which is not what he encountered back in 2011.

“[T]hose times of ‘unity’ & ‘cutting edge’ technology seem to be left in the past. I really care about Bitcoin – but the community can’t seem to get it together in my opinion. I’ve tried to get involved within the community to fix it – but it was very hostile. There is still wonderful people in the community and incredibly smart people working on the technology problem.”

Finnneman also touched on the controversial predictions about the bitcoin price hitting $100,000 or $1 million at some point in time. According to him, he does not believe that bitcoin will hit such prices and feels that currencies such as Zcash or Monero are better and more stable investments for people in the long run.

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