Bitfinex users will be able to make Bitcoin micropayments in Bitrefill to buy gift cards and make phone top-ups.

The Hong Kong-based international exchange, Bitfinex, announced the implementation of a node of the Lightning Network thanks to an alliance with the Bitrefill service, whereby users can make Bitcoin payments for the purchase of gift cards (Giftcards) and phone top-ups on their website.

According to information published in the official Bitfinex Blog, the measure aims to boost the adoption of micro-payments with Bitcoin for products and services, and this alliance with Bitrefill will allow users to take this possibility in more than 170 countries, which They can buy Giftcards from at least 2,000 commercial establishments.

In this regard, the Bitrefill CCO, John Carvalho, commented:

“Bitfinex customers can deposit BTC and use those funds to buy through Bitrefill. The steps are relatively instantaneous, so it will be very easy for customers.”

Bitfinex, Bitrefill and Lightning Network

In the official statement published by the Bitfinex team, managers say that by harnessing the potential of Lightning Network customers can make micropayments in real time, so transactions are executed at high speed allowing people to receive immediately the product for which they paid.

On the other hand, Bitfinex assured that it will make use of a customized configuration for the Lightning Network channel, with which they will be able to process from micropayments to slightly more substantial transfers. The company said that this will be beneficial for customers as there will be no intermediation by third parties, which will improve the flow of assets between users, the exchange and Bitrefill.

By the time Bitfinex reported that it would enable a Lightning Network node, the CTO of the exchange, Paolo Ardoino, commented:

“We believe that enabling BTC exchanges through the Lightning Network will be essential in preparing for the next wave of adoption, which will allow the creation of a parallel economy based on Bitcoin.”

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