One of the crypto exchanges favorite of the crypto universe, Binance, has been accused of plagiarizing BitMEX.

Recall that Binance is currently in an expansive phase of the products and services it offers, so, according to the CEO of BitMEX, Binance would have copied word by word of the BitMEX terms and conditions for the newly launched future testnet platform .

The plagiarism was evidenced in the BitMEX Twitter account, where the exchange sarcastically exposed the evidence of plagiarism, wishing that users “enjoyed seeing it as much as they enjoyed writing it.” The Tweet attached a side-by-side comparison of the Terms and Conditions of the two exchanges, exposing Binance.

As expected, this triggered a tornado of comments on social networks; In fact, many users joke that this reflects the Chinese business model, in which Chinese companies copy Western products and make them cheaper. In general, the comments were a satire.

However, we must highlight the courage of Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance, who faced social networks and admitted his mistake. In general, in the Tweet CZ was responsible for the error and apologized. He also assured that the error would be fixed and the content would be eliminated as soon as possible.

Obviously this unleashed another storm of comments on social networks. For their part, many praised the Binance CEO for taking responsibility for the public and amending his mistake. In fact, Arthur Hayes, CEO of BitMEX, responded by using a meme that apparently indicates that he accepted his apologies.

However, it seems that plagiarism reigns among crypto exchanges. In fact, the biggest incident showed TRON who blatantly plagiarized large fragments of his IPFS technical document and Filecoin technical documentation. Without going so far! BitMEX itself was previously accused of having plagiarized OKEx documentation.

The interesting thing was how the whole situation developed, which seemed to be quite friendly and with comedy included. He pointed out how interesting it is because this occurs at a time when Binance is doing everything possible to enter the crypto market that is dominated by BitMEX. The competition must play fair.

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