The exchange invited its users to modify their security settings and activate the two-factor authentication system, in order to avoid unauthorized income to their accounts or possible Phishing attacks.

This Friday, the BitMEX exchange alerted its customers that by mistake they accidentally revealed all of their users’ emails via carbon copy (CC).

To inform users, BitMEX published a statement through its official accounts, in which it offered details about what happened, inviting customers to exercise caution since this would facilitate possible Phishing attacks, in which hackers could take information Private clients to access their accounts through fake websites.

As a security measure for what happened, BitMEX invited users to make changes to the security settings of the accounts, precisely to avoid unauthorized access and operations by the owners of the funds.

Trying to protect users

According to data provided by the data analysis company Skew, BitMEX manages a base of at least 22,000 users who operate daily.

BitMEX stated in the official statement:

“We are aware that some of our users have received a general update email from the user today, which contained the email addresses of other users. Our team has acted immediately to contain the problem and we are taking steps to understand the scope of the impact. “

According to the source, BitMEX now asked its customers to add BitMEX support email to their contact lists to reduce phishing attempts, as well as to add 2-factor authentication (Two Factor Authenticator – 2FA).

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