The IOVLabs company, creator of the RSK network based on the Bitcoin blockchain, announced the acquisition of the worldwide famous Argentine forum and company Taringa, according to different media reports.

IOVLabs and the Taringa team seek to create innovative consumer products and services for their communities, using RSK’s decentralized infrastructure.

In addition to creating the RSK network based on the Bitcoin blockchain, IOVLabs also developed the RIF token economy. Its headquarters are in Gibraltar and it has offices in Buenos Aires, Montevideo, Shanghai, Singapore and an innovation studio in San Francisco.

Regarding the acquisition, IOVLabs CEO Diego Gutiérrez Zaldívar said:

“Blockchain is a powerful technology, and it needs a massive adoption to create significant value. This acquisition puts us at the forefront of adoption in distributed accounting technologies. Having access to such a large community is important to gather user feedback on the tools and protocols we are launching, driven by RIF. ”

For its part, Taringa’s CEO, Matías Botbol, ​​said that “more features such as peer-to-peer token exchanges and a dApps market will be added to begin offering products and services to users.”

Taringa was founded by Hernán and Matías Botbol and is considered as the most visited entertainment and knowledge site in Hispanic communities with a variety of content, such as information, news, videos and links, they point out.

In addition, the company generates approximately more than 8 million daily shares and is the largest social network in Spanish-speaking countries. Today the social network has more than 30 million users and more than 1000 active online communities, as explained in the published.

Recently, the company that develops platforms for the financial system based on the Bitcoin blockchain, IOVLabs, and who also develops the implementations of the RSK Smart Contract Network and RIF OS networks, will be part of a regional blockchain program launched last week.

In addition, both RSK and NXTP firms announced the launch of a program for Latin America to accelerate and adopt blockchain technology for businesses that are in the initial phase or want to migrate their products to the blockchain.

In this regard, Rubén Altman, the director of the Adoption Area of IOV Labs said he was very happy with the launch of this project, which will be key to helping emerging startups in the region.

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