One of the applications of blockchain that has shown great potential in recent times is its ability to verify the authenticity of various items. This has been seen in the education sector with various institutions issuing their certificate via blockchain to ensure that anyone claiming to have graduated from the institution can be verified and to prevent certificate fraud. This has also been applied in the sports and entertainment field with memorabilia, collectible items, and sports merchandise being verified by a blockchain which ensures a sense of security for both those who sell these items and the fans that collect them.

A new platform for this purpose from Mattereum recently went live and has already verified several valuable William Shatner memorabilia pieces.


The company‘s product is based on the Ethereum blockchain and recently signed up their third, Third Millenia Inc. which was co-founded by William Shatner and works in the identification of real-life items. Some of the first things to be authenticated were some signed William Shatner memorabilia, some of which are worth up to $10,000 apiece.

While one of its first notable verifications is the William Shatner collectibles, the company intends to go just beyond the world of celebrity collectible items as they have also stated that they will be verifying a $9 million violin at some point in the future.

“The governing committee for the instrument [violin] will have legal decision-making powers over the instrument [violin], protecting and curating it on behalf of the token holders and posterity, in accordance with a written constitution,” the company said. 

There are also plans to help verify a World War II cartridge for a rifle and also a 1931 bottle of wine. While these developments are to come in the future, the company has clarified that the process will take time. 

“We have the relationships, we’ve accumulated most of the savvy, we are clear on the business model, but a 325-year-old instrument in the hands of a century-old dealer is not coming on-chain two weeks after the launch of the pilot set of assets,” a statement from the company said.

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