These lovers become the first couple in Brazil to take advantage of new technologies and register their marriage certificate in a Blockchain network.

The city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil carried out the first civil marriage in the country whose certificate was duly registered in a Blockchain network.

According to information published by various digital media, the Brazilian Air Force doctor, Guilherme Mesquita, married public defender Diego Vale on November 11 of this year. The registration of the marriage certificate through Blockchain was carried out by the startup Growth Tech, whose technology makes use of the products and services made by IBM.

In this regard, the founder of Growth Tech, Hugo Pierre, commented:

“This demonstrates that the use of these technologies for these purposes is viable, safe and reliable. We need to join forces urgently so that this way of doing things will see greater adoption throughout Brazil.”

Marriage certificate on Blockchain

To carry out the process of registering the marriage certificate on Blockchain, Growth Tech previously generated a digital identity for Mesquita and Vale. Then, the parties proceeded to complete a brief questionnaire regarding the civil act.

Once the aforementioned steps were completed, the couple confirmed the information contained in the certificate and proceeded to sign it digitally. To conclude the process, Mesquita and Vale received a physical certificate issued by the software, which records the process through the Blockchain network.

People related to the event said that the creation of the digital identity, the completion of the form and the proper digital signature did not take more than 20 minutes.

Growth Tech and Blockchain

The Growth Tech firm is becoming increasingly well known for supporting legal documents physically issued through Blockchain, thereby giving civil processes and their certificates greater security and traceability.

Previously, the startup made use of its Blockchain platform to support certificates issued by the public sector. This includes the birth certificate of a baby in the city of Rio de Janeiro, for which the father said that the process simply took just over five minutes.

However, enthusiasts and connoisseurs of the benefits of this technology are still betting on a greater adoption of Blockchain within the sector, which could modernize civil registration processes hand in hand with new technologies.

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