China continues to lead its particular career by adopting the national blockchain as a service. His latest move has been to present the pilot of his new project, The Blockchain Service Network.

On the first day in the Hangzhou region of China, the first conference of the Chinese Government Blockchain Services Network was held. This conference was sponsored by the Chinese State Information Center, China UnionPay and Hangzhou Municipal People’s Government among others. This demonstrates the interest that China is lending to the blockchain ecosystem. The objective of this conference was the intelligence meeting and meet the requirements for blockchain development.

The main objective of this network is to support through the blockchain to connect different services, regions and institutions.

In itself, what is intended is to promote government services in a transparent way for the public and that provides credibility through the blockchain. Thanks to this initiative, the adoption of the Chinese digital currency has a better reception in the future.

Chinese national media report that there are 3 scenarios that the Blockchain Services Network intends to exploit, these are: “execute once”, hotel disinfection supervision and ecological road health detection.

Recently it has been announced that Huobi, one of the largest exchanges in the Chinese region from Huobi Global, has decided to be part of the project for the Blockchain Services Network. Huobi becomes a partner of some of the heavyweights of the world of finance such as VISA, China UnionPay or telecommunications companies such as China Mobile and China Telecom, China Merchants Bank International which are backed by the state itself.

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