One of the most innovative companies within the blockchain space is the Brave browser and this is because the Brave browser has successfully subverted the typical business model of browsers by being privacy-centric, only running ads with the permission of its users and rewarding them for the ads they view.

This has made them very popular among users as the Brave browser been downloaded over 10 million times and it has also made them popular among content creators because of their Brave verified publisher program in which publishers can run their ads on the Brave platform for those that have chosen to see them. Even with all the new features being added such as tipping on Reddit, Twitter, and YouTube, Brave does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon as it was reported on August 11, 2019, that the number of publishers making use of the platform has increased by 1,200 percent in the last year.

Brave by Numbers

According to figures from BATGrowth, which monitors Brave browser adoption, Brave’s Verified Publishers were 18,931 in July 2018 but as of now are more than 230,000. The platform has 29,278 website publishers such as the Smithsonian magazine and the Washington Post, 17,417 Twitter publishers, 2,917 Reddit publishers and over 12,000 Twitch publishers on the reward program.

Brave’s business model has always been highly beneficial for both those who create content and those that consume content as both are rewarded for their time and effort via BAT, which is Brave’s native token for which they have set up even more channels to ensure that BAT tipping continuous.

Along with the new tipping features for content creators on Twitter, Brave also announced earlier this month that users can set up reoccurring tips for content creators who they enjoy and wish to support on a regular basis as well as mechanism to tweet at content creators to tell them how to claim their donation, which in turn brings in more content creators to the Brave platform.

Brave’s success also speaks to the frustration that many traditional browser users feel with incidences of the user information being sold, the constant bombardment with unwanted ads as well as an overall feeling of lack of privacy which Brave taps into and helps to correct.

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