The community is happy to report that Brave, the favorite web browser for all crypto users for its connection to Blockchain, has decided to present a Crypto Wallet for Ethereum.

Recently, Brave published a brief summary of their work, in which it was announced that the browser wallet they are working on supports Brave’s ERC-20 Basic Attention Token (BAT), along with other cryptocurrencies based on the Ethereum Blockchain.

In this report, it was noted that the “Crypto Wallet will be very similar to Ethereum Metamask” but integrated into the browser. However, we must pay attention to the following: Brave said that the new offer is focused on experienced users of the crypto universe because, according to what is expressed in the blog, they have not yet performed the “exhaustive tests” necessary to launch the final version. Therefore, the web browser advises its clients to be cautious with “small quantities and keep periodic backups”

Brave, like Google’s Chrome browser, has the ability to block annoying ads, however, the special feature of that browser is the ability to give tips on websites and receive them for viewing ads, this through its BAT token. Therefore, in order to receive these tokens or send them, a separate browser wallet was required.

Another special feature of this new Crypto Wallet is that it supports interaction with decentralized applications, also known as DApps. However, keep in mind that there is no link between Brave Rewards and Crypto Wallets, so they cannot transfer any BAT between them.

According to what is stated in the announcement, Brave plans to link Brave Rewards and Crypto Wallets in the future. It also intends to add support for Uphold.

This news reflects an aspect that many will probably like, since users will not need to verify their identity to operate, nor will the company be interested in knowing the reasons for using it; so you could say it offers a high degree of privacy. However, as much as we would like, there is still no official date for the launch of the Wallet.

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