The Shubert Organization is known as the largest theater ticket operator on Broadway, and is testing blockchain technology for ticket sales in order to avoid fraud, Fast Company announced on October 16.

According to the publication, through its Telecharge and Shubert Ticketing division, the organization has partnered with a Boston-based startup called True Tickets, which offers a mobile ticket solution that runs on the IBM blockchain platform.

They also indicated in the statement that True Tickets announced that its blockchain pilot with Shubert will begin next year and will integrate the startup’s digital ticket sales service into “specific components” of Shubert’s ticket sales businesses, including Telecharge .com and Broadway Inbound.

This blockchain solution was born to make the purchase of tickets more secure, since it has an accounting system that allows registering new transactions but not deleting them, they explain.

Few details were shared about the blockchain project, however, both companies say they expect the blockchain pilot to help reduce the risk of fraud and that buyers who receive tickets to their phones through the service can be “guaranteed ”That they are real, as published.

Matt Zarracina, CEO of True Tickets said:

“At the end of the day, our goal is to help our clients develop more meaningful relationships with their customers.

This pilot gives us the opportunity to do exactly that in a massive multichannel market”

This case of the Broadway operator would not be the first to use blockchain for the sale of tickets in the entertainment industry. Last year it was reported that the famous TicketMaster company acquired the blockchain technology company Upgraded as a measure to improve control and visibility of ticket sales for events.

The Upgraded company would be responsible for providing technology to convert traditional tickets into digital assets protected by blockchain. Justin Burleigh, Ticketmaster product director in North America said at the time:

“Ticketmaster is constantly exploring emerging technologies, and there aren’t many that have the unique blockchain possibilities.”

On the other hand, it was also informed that UEFA also used blockchain technology to guarantee the validity of each mobile ticket, downloaded to each of the users’ devices through an application for IOS or Android. The entrance to the Lillekula stadium for the final game of the 2018 European Super Cup was allowed to present the mobile ticket on the authorized devices throughout the whole place.

Three months ago, a Swiss company began applying blockchain technology for ticket management in the leisure and entertainment industry in Spain.

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