A donation of about USD 100,000 to help stop the fire that is currently devastating the Amazon Rainforest was rejected by BitPay’s bitcoin payment platform. This donation was stopped for being a “very high” amount. This was stated by the Amazon Watch environmental care initiative, recipient of the donation, through Twitter this Thursday, August 22.

Through the publication on its Twitter account, Amazon Watch added that they were looking for a way to contact the person who planned to make the donation, but they had no way of doing so. This donation in bitcoin comes after weeks of fires in the Amazon.

The message was directed to the BitPay support channel, which promised to address the problem, in addition to recommending Amazon Watch to try to increase the limit of amounts accepted for donations through the panel of your BitPay account. However, the environmental initiative had already tried that solution, they reported in another tweet.

On Friday afternoon, BitPay reported having solved the problem with donation limits for Amazon Watch. Through a tweet, they explained that it is already possible to donate unlimitedly to the organization.

At the time of writing this article, a warning message for donors interested in sending funds in bitcoin is still read on the NGO website: “Our daily limit for BitPay donations is currently USD 100,000. Therefore, divide the largest donations into several days. ”

In response to Amazon Watch tweets, several users advised changing providers for receiving donations. Others went further. For example, user @simplextalis suggested avoiding intermediaries for receiving donations in BTC using their own Bitcoin address. “Yes, it makes moving things (funds) a little more complicated and you will need someone to supervise you, but this would never happen again,” he added.

Amazon Watch is a nonprofit organization based in California, United States. The group is responsible for initiatives to protect the Amazon rainforest and the indigenous populations of the region.

BitPay is one of the most popular bitcoin payment processors. Among its most recent alliances, the Dallas Mavericks, the team of the American Professional Basketball League (NBA) stand out. Recently, it was learned that the Texas state team would begin accepting payments in BTC for tickets and merchandise through its website, using the BitPay payment platform.

The fire that has affected the Amazon for almost three weeks threatens its inhabitants and the diversity of fauna and flora. Smoke generated by fire has also spread to regions in Bolivia, Peru and Ecuador. There are no official figures yet, but various estimates speak of thousands of hectares of forest devastated so far by fire.

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