BTSE a licensed exchange for several digital assets and a derivative platform working under the stipulated regulations of the Central Bank of United Arab Emirates has added a spot trading support for the Litecoin cryptocurrency. The platform will integrate the support of Litecoin as from 29 July 2019.

As of present, the BTSE exchange platform facilitates efficient trading between fiat and cryptocurrencies. Among the fiat that the platform supports include USD, EUR, GBP, RMB, JPY, SGD, and even the MYR. Following the integration, the exchange platform will now enable its users to spot trade litecoin with any other existing fiat and cryptocurrencies.

BTSE happens to be the only exchange platform, globally, that employs the use of a single order book for all of its spot trading. This has the resultant effect of making it quite ample and comfortable for the platform customers to aggregate the liquidity. The integration of the cryptocurrency will ensure that the traders experience an elevated and improved trading experience for the cryptocurrency. The litecoin cryptocurrency, as of present, holds the fourth-highest position in terms of crypto-market capitalization.

It should be noted that several cryptocurrencies suffered blows of flash crashes. These crashes were mostly caused by low liquidity, which means that they sell orders were not being fulfilled promptly. BTSE, on the other hand, takes care of this situation by encouraging the use of a single order book that serves to add much more stability to the integrity of the whole system, including its liquidity. Litecoin traders on the platform can now experience and explore more cash regardless of the unexpected selling order rushes.

In a move to encourage and promote the usage of the platform, BTSE now offers every new sign up 50% off on the trading fees. The traders can highlight and pin down the spot trading currency more conveniently and easily on the platform. They can do this by simply signing up and depositing cryptocurrency or even fiat into their corresponding BTSE account. The discount on new sign-ups is however only valid until 31 December 2019.

Litecoin, an open-source and decentralized cryptocurrency, has the aim of supporting and facilitating high volume global payments. The cryptocurrency split from Bitcoin back in 2011 an ever since has been growing to become one of the leading open-source and decentralized cryptocurrencies globally. Litecoin, equally important, has been the first leading digital asset to implement SegWit.

The BTSE futures and exchange platform was announced to open its doors to trading from June 2019. Since then, it has grown to be popular among traders and boasts affirmative acceptance among many in the crypto industry. The platform avails both fiat and cryptocurrency as margin collateral for its traders. They can incorporate and combine fiat with cryptocurrency to post margin while trading the USD settle bitcoin or even tether futures. This mechanism propagated and facilitated by the BTSE platform mostly saves trading. This is the case because it reduces the extensive currency conversions required in trading cryptocurrencies. The BTSE as of present supports the following significant cryptocurrencies; BTC, ETH, LTC, and the USDT.

BTSE chief executive office, Jonathan Leong says that he has the vision and aims to build BTSE in conventions that will allow the platform to offer a liquidity haven for the digital assets trades. The introduction and integration of derivative products have the focus of making it a possibility for the investors on the platform to make more profit from their trading engagements even as the liquidity of the platform continues to gain weight and thicken. BTSE has quite some time now been supporting trading of litecoin but the revolutionary integration of spot trading for the cryptocurrency, the traders and investors on the platform, can look forward to higher liquidity with the market movements.

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