Facebook has probably had more problems after the release of Libra and all that involved that in the rest of its existence. Calibrate in trouble!

It turns out that Facebook Calibra is now being sued for trademark infringement by Current, a mobile banking application. In this way, one more problem would be added to the infinite list of Libra.

Plagiarized logo?

The lawsuit took place in the Federal Court of New York for alleged infringement of registered trademark and unfair competition, according to the Lanham Law of the United States. As if it were not enough to be sued, the plaintiffs have asked the court for preliminary and permanent precautionary measures, this means an order that Calibra stops using the mark.

Therefore, it is alleged that the Calibra logo is too similar to the Current one. As the firm explains:

“The infringing mark adopted and used by Calibra Defendants is not only confusingly similar, but virtually identical to current Marks.”

The company behind Current is named Finco Services, a Delaware corporation that provides mobile and online banking services. Finco says its logo was created in 2016 as part of an advertising campaign, so it ensures that it was registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). The point is that, the company responsible for the design of the logo, Character, has been the one who has designed a logo very similar to Facebook.

On the other hand, Finco claims to have communicated with Calibra and Facebook, however, they did not offer an answer for what he decided to resort to the authorities.

However, the demand is not only for Calibra of Facebook, but the company behind the design, Character, has also been sued for violating the “good faith and fair treatment agreement”, something that is clearly related to the fact. That, if the design company creates a brand, they cannot design and sell the same brand for another firm.

Thus, Howard Shire, a partner in the intellectual property department of Pepper Hamilton LLP, talked about how suspicious it has been that the accused logo has left the same company that created the plaintiff’s logo. That is, they could easily imagine that something like that was yet to be seen, however, even so, they continued.

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