A block confirms that is VC backed and claims to be working with student-led and linked clubs has moved to roll out its blockchain programs at 3 California universities officially. Mouse belts blockchain accelerator announced its launch on Wednesday at UC Davis, UC Los Angeles, and UC Santa Barbara. The program is geared towards enabling and giving a boost to the educational process and presence at the noted schools in the United States.

Mouse belt is as of present in favor by USD 40 million in terms of funding from NueValue Capital. It also seeks to help 65 student blockchain community groups in around 12 to 14 universities worldwide. The accelerator now joins the likes of media groups like bitcoin radio and Mousebelt universities in the provision of such Education.

The program is designed in a number of ways. The most belt will move to sponsor undergraduate up to Ph.D. levels programs. The first fund will range and deal with research that will cut across the three campuses and will mainly be on blockchain development projects. Mousebelt has of recently put aside USD 500000 to help fund up to five projects that are looking and searching for USD 100000 in seed funding.

The most belt will also be donating to the three universities mentioned above and their respective engineering dockets. It does this in the hope that the cooperation from the donations will lead to the development of general funding toward University selected research, which is estimated at around USD 500000.

Ashley Meredith, University outreach director, has been opining that the program is designed to fill the knowledge niche in the university-level Education. This is the case, as many universities do not avail blockchain classes, which leaves the student organizations to fill the gap by themselves. About a year ago, it was these student organizations that formed the first foundation for Mousebelt’s current initiative.

Meredith is quoted as saying “we aim to help these universities become a driving force for innovation in the blockchain space as well as provide students and researchers with the opportunity for both theoretical and Industry experience.”

However, it begs the question, what is in it for Mousebelt? Meredith has also been noted as to say that the whole process is not only about equity holdings in successful projects but also a strategy that is geared for the long-term, as far as student development is concerned. In recent years with the bust and boom in the crypto industry, Blockchain courses have been growing and increasingly on-demand. The head of expolab, Dr. Mohammad Sadoghi from the UC Davis has been working with Mousebelt for about the last year. He has facilitated various functions, and he says that the student demand for blockchain courses and is increasingly growing globally

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