Charles Hoskinson, the founder of Cardano and the co-founder of Ethereum, has recently announced via a tweet that a new version of the ADA blockchain will be released in the next few weeks of this month August. The version will be designed to improve scalability once again and truly cement Cardano’s position as a third-generation cryptocurrency.

Cardano has been a fan favorite these past months as Hawkins has been traveling around the world scoring partnership after partnership. The most recent of such collaborations that have been reported was the agreement with the Ministry of Education of Georgia. Hoskinson is entirely behind the project and will continue to develop it further. As a matter of fact, the founder may not need to interfere at all. Cardano has a handy treasure for which developers apply for funding on and make their own adjustments to the blocking.  Overall, Cardano is demonstrating the genuinely decentralized nature of the blockchain and sticking to its guns relentlessly.

Additionally, there has been a tease for the impending version 1.6 as the CEO called out to the users to share screenshots and comments as regards to the latest version of Daedalus open source crypto wallet

 “We are shipping the 1.6 cardano update over the next few days. Send me some screenshots of the crypto wallet and let me know if you like it. A lot of great work went into the release, and I am extremely proud of the team. “

Besides Cardano and other projects, Hoskinson is also working on a new project, which was revealed during the blockchain conference consensus 2019. The project is an inception of Polymath, a security token platform. It has been dubbed Polymesh and will see the creation of a blockchain for tokens in a bid to make them regulatory friendly. He continues to further state in part “after confounding Ethereum and Cardano, two of the most widely used blockchain in the world; I am looking forward to working on Polymesh. By fact, there are quadrillions of Dollars of financial securities and building a blockchain to secure them is an incredibly exciting task force consumes said during the conference.

Coupling up the massive support that Cardano has drummed up for itself and the ample funding and financial supply that it has, Cardano could be on the right direction towards making itself globally renowned in the crypto industry. Close cooperation is one of the critical success factors in the blockchain sector. Additionally, the new upgrades and new products that Hoskison is releasing and working on are geared towards cementing his reputation and the credibility of the said products.

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