The announcements revealed by Hoskinson for Cardano’s future resulted in a significant increase in the price of the ADA cryptocurrency today.

Charles Hoskinson, CEO of the IOHK company and main developer of the Cardano project, yesterday shared some information regarding the latest advances in the development of the network, among which he stressed that Shelley, the new update that will take place sometime during this year, it is still an evolving product.

During the broadcast, published on his YouTube account yesterday, Hoskinson also spoke about the plans they have for the coming months, especially citing the commercial approach they will adopt to promote the adoption of Cardano technology in different sectors.

Hoskinson said that Cardano product managers will begin providing updates for their software, and that they will present a plan to transition to the Haskell incentive testing network, which will be very important for the community because of the large number of stake pools that must transfer to the Shelley testnet.

On the commercial approach and plans of IOHK, the Cardano and Emurgo Foundation, Hoskinson commented:

“It is very important for me to come from the world of science, where we have clearly won, and ensure that the ordinary world, particularly institutional investors, fully appreciate what we have been able to produce. […] Therefore, there will be a lot of effort in product management throughout the month of February. “

Technical advances for Cardano

Regarding the technical advances that will come for Cardano, Hoskinson expressed his dissatisfaction with the problems seen in the operation of Shelley, but stressed that this update for the network was not planned as a finished commercial product, so there is still a lot to do to support its technical functionality.

Hoskinson said that the purpose of this testnet update is to test its operation and begin to design a staking model that could be widely adopted, which was effectively achieved due to the amount of ADA delegated to the date and the amount of existing stake pools.

For its part, in relation to the technical problems that were present since the launch, Hoskinson said that many of these were already resolved with the patches installed in January. However, the biggest problem in the developer’s opinion has to do with the expectations of the community about the user interface, since this resulted in a large number of complaints despite the fact that this aspect was never intended as a consumer product, so that those who share with the Haskell-based network should know that it has been designed for this purpose.

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