China is once again the focus of attention for the world of blockchain. This time his own government has ruled not to ban cryptocurrency mining in the Asian country.

This news leaves the crypto world surprised. Earlier this year the Chinese government had decreed the ban on this practice. This measure was attributed to the environmental damage generated by this mining practice. But today the Cataloging for structural adjustment guidance in the industry where this ban has finally been rectified has been published. These sentences will enter into force on January 1, 2020.

In this way the continuous efforts that were made, such as continuous restrictions or electrical overloads will end. However, even having abolished this sentence, last month certain government authorities began to take other, additional, measures against mining.

Specifically, 5 departments of the Chinese government began to take measures related to energy consumption against mining companies and others that are carried out with large amounts of computer equipment or devices.

At a press conference today, the CNDR (National Development and Reform Commission) has decreed that 2,500 suggestions were added to the initial draft at the beginning of the year, but none related to Bitcoin or mining. Therefore, mining has not been included in any adjustment of the cataloged.

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