In Thailand, 24 Chinese citizens belonging to a gang were arrested for alleged scam with cryptocurrencies, as reported recently by local police.

The Immigration Office of the Royal Thai Police arrested 24 people and seized 61 laptops, 424 mobile phones and 3 internet devices with which they carried out their operations.

In the announcement, they detailed that the group leader or the “boss” hired foreigners for 03 months in a row offering expenses paid to move to Thailand and a monthly salary of 5,000 yuan.

Upon arriving in Thailand, the chief retained the passports of foreigners and the employees would work from 09:00 am to 10:00 pm, to carry out fraudulent financial transactions with cryptocurrencies, according to the statement.

The report does not detail whether the “employees” were aware of it but their job was to attract Chinese investors by offering them low interest in order to make a profit in cryptocurrencies.

This would not be the first case of scams related to cryptocurrencies in the country. In September, a Thai citizen was arrested for allegedly being part of a gang responsible for carrying out a cryptocurrency fraud.

The man was arrested for his alleged participation in a cryptocurrency network that cheated investors for 500 million baht (approximately $16 million).

“The gang was made up of three Thais and four Vietnamese,” said senior police general Jiraphop. He added that the victims reported losses totaling around 500 million baht (which would be about 16 million dollars to date).

The senior police general also said:

“In the past two years, the gang had persuaded people to invest in digital currencies through them. Gang members had individual roles, such as opening bank accounts and claiming to be investors of digital assets. ”

In Spain, something similar happened in August when the National Police confiscated 250,000 euros in bitcoins (BTC) from an alleged criminal group that was engaged in the commission of scams and money laundering in Mallorca and Barcelona through the sale of electronic products.

In the case, five people were arrested and the total amount defrauded exceeds 500,000 euros, since “the authors continued to operate continuously until they were arrested.”

Agents seized 250,000 euros in bitcoins distributed in various portfolios and accounts in crypto exchange houses, equivalent to about 25.67 BTC, according to the price of the cryptocurrency at that time.

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