Coinbase announced today that it received VISA membershi.. According to Forbes, this appointment occurred in December but was made public now.

The exchange company with headquarters in San Francisco, USA, and transactions in 190 countries, announced today in its blog that it has become the first company specialized in cryptography to be approved as a principal member of VISA.

Regarding the issue, Coinbase highlighted:

“The VISA membership will allow us to further improve the customer experience, which facilitates the cost of cryptocurrency in everyday situations.”

In the company’s blog, Coinbase recounts what its relationship with VISA has been. He says he started in 2019 with the launch of the Coinbase Card in the United Kingdom, “a VISA debit card that allows customers to spend their cryptocurrencies as easily as money in their bank account.”

It indicates that nine months later, the Coinbase Card is available to customers in 29 markets that can spend 10 cryptocurrencies in millions of commercial locations.

Coinbase revealed:

“More than half of the customers who have registered on the Coinbase Card use it regularly, with a peak use in the United Kingdom, closely followed by Italy, Spain and France”

VISA membership for Coinbase

Coinbase points out that the main membership will allow you to “offer more features for Coinbase Card customers; from additional services to support in more markets: all the elements that will help to evolve and enrich the cryptocurrency payment experience ”.

In this regard, the crypto news media Coindesk declares that the main members of VISA are financial institutions authorized to issue some types of payment cards. Therefore, he says that, in theory, Coinbase could issue cards to other crypto companies, although it is not clear if he plans to use that power immediately.

He also says that, according to Forbes, the appointment as principal member was given by VISA to Coinbase in December 2019, but now it has just been announced on the blog.

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