The cryptocurrency exchange giant Coinbase has announced the closure of its startup Coinbase itself has sent an email to its customers notifying the closure of the platform focusing exclusively on Coinbase Earn. is an electronic mail service through which it was possible to make payments in cryptocurrencies. These are done to users who complete commercial tasks, display of advertisements or other advertising tasks. Coibase acquired this platform 18 months ago and has now announced if it closes. It is rumored that Coibase bought the platform for the sum of 100 million dollars.

After almost 2 years of updating and study, Coibase has decided to close the website, so it communicated to its users in an email. They said that the reason for the closure of the platform is to focus on Coibase Earn. Users will have until February 20 to withdraw their stored funds.

Coibase Earn performs a function similar to This platform allows to obtain tokens for free, the user must complete various tasks, view educational videos related to cryptocurrencies. Some of these educational activities are: open the MakerDAO CDP, use several blockchain platforms or use the Brave browser, among others.

By closing, Coinbase, has announced the implementation of more campaigns to the Coinbase Earn platform. The goal is to continue to intuit and connect as many blockchain networks as possible with users.

It might seem that Coinbase has lost a lot of money with the early closure of the platform. But, when the purchase of the same was made, CEO Balaji Srinivasan himself joined the Coinbase team. This together with the experience gained with make the purchase of the site a very beneficial strategy for the interests of Coinbase.

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