From cryptocurrency to its application in various sectors, it seems blockchain is changing the world in many ways and truly is on its way to becoming the technology of the future. Blockchain is a rather interesting concept as information that is created and stored on blockchains is irrefutable and practically unable to be tampered with and this has made it a favorite of several industries as it seems every day, there is more to be discovered that can be done with blockchain. However, it must be noted that blockchain applications are still relatively new concepts and as such, will have some teething problems.

According to recent reports, Coinbase may be forced to remove its decentralized browser feature from its mobile app if it is to remain compliant with the Apple store terms of service.

Blockchain Browsers 

This is not the first time that a decentralized application is in hot water over a mainstream App Store as the Google play store had previously removed MetaMask, which was an Ethereum-based decentralized application from its store. 

On December 28, 2019, a Reddit post went up which stated that in order to remain compliant with Apple’s App Store policy, Coinbase might have to remove the decentralized browser feature from the mobile app and the CEO of Coinbase eventually commented on the post.

“Coinbase CEO here. This is really unfortunate to see. Apple seems to be eliminating usage of Dapps from the App Store. […] Presumably this would extend to other wallets as well (Trust, Argent, Metamask) it’s beyond Coinbase and IMO a very big threat to the ecosystem,” said Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong. 

He also stated above this issue goes beyond joist Coinbase and that Apple users who wish to make use of decentralized applications on their platform will need to take the issue up with the Apple themselves as this is an issue that cuts across the entire Apple store.

“This is an important area of innovation in finance, and many developers and early adopters of this technology have millions of dollars worth of crypto tied up in these financial applications, which they will no longer be able to use on Apple mobile devices if this app store policy continues,” he said.

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