The Brave team reported on August 1 that the function that allows Twitter users to tip with the platform’s native cryptocurrency, the Basic Attention Token (BAT), is already enabled in the desktop browser principal.

In a statement published on his blog the official launch of the service was made public, through which it is possible that content creators have a special tip button in each tweet. In this way, when the user likes a certain message, he can use this button to give tips in the form of a cryptocurrency.

This feature that makes it easy for users to tip on Twitter with BAT is called Twip. It had already been enabled last May as a test, for the Nightly version of the Brave browser. The tool works by linking the Twitter account to the Brave Rewards application, created this year so that users can finance the creation of content with the native token.

When users visit Twitter with the Brave desktop browser and have enabled Brave Rewards, they will see a new “suggestion” button in each tweet. By clicking on this button, users can send BAT directly to the author of the tweet for the amount they choose.

What is Brave all about?

Brave is a web browser like Mozilla or Chrome, but with quite notable differences. Among them, it has a rewards system for using it, that is, users can earn tokens for frequently using the browser and for a referral system. Through this platform we can surf the Internet in the same way as with the others.

Normally, the websites we visit frequently, including social networks, have a lot of advertising everywhere, in addition to this they also contain search crawlers and cookies to show us new results or suggestions based on previous searches.

Brave is an open source browser founded by Brendan Eich, former CEO of Mozilla, specially designed to deal with these factors as well as malicious and related ads.

With the recent announcement, the Brave team also lists a number of features associated with the tip service on Twitter. These include the issuance of periodic advice, as well as a mechanism to send recommendations to the author. Similarly, it is possible to preset the delivery of recurring donations. In that sense, it is recommended that content creators register in the Brave Creator Program, to receive messages from the public immediately.

A wider system

The tip system is not new to Brave. Previously it only worked with YouTube and Twitch. The company explains that today there are almost 60,000 verified creators in the Brave Rewards application. In the near future, the option is to enable the option for more content platforms, such as Reddit, GitHub and Vimeo.

The system also provides users with cryptocurrency rewards for viewing advertising. These users can also buy the tokens and load them into their Brave Rewards wallet. To this end, Brave allocated some 100,000 grants in BAT (each equivalent to approximately one dollar), aimed primarily at desktop users located in regions that do not access the Brave Ads platform.

With all these options, Brave has been adding a large number of users in recent months. Although with previous announcements the price of the token came to register a noticeable increase, this time there is no significant change in the price of BAT, which has a slight downward trend. At the time of writing this note is quoted at USD 0.23.

Rewarding content creators

According to information published on the website, Brave aims to promote the creation of content among users of the social network, allowing people who consider the information of interest to receive tips from those who value the work done.

This new property is part of the expansion of the Brave Rewards program, which already includes other platforms such as YouTube or Twitch, and already has around 60,000 duly verified content creators. This can mean great news for the crypto community if we analyze the number of users that will be familiar with the tokens issued by Brave to reward members.

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