Within the crypto community and to an extent outside of it, Craig Wright is famous for his endless antics, feuds, and polarizing statements. The Australian computer scientist has claimed repeatedly to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin among other claims. He repeated feuds have put him in the public eye and have caused backlash against bitcoin SV, which is his flagship token. Currently, Wright is embroiled in a lawsuit with the estate of a late computer scientist who he is accused of stealing millions of dollars worth of bitcoin from. Even as a trial progresses, Wright’s antiques do not seem to be cooling at any time.

A recent statement from the counsel for the estate of David Kleinman has accused Craig Wright of abusing attorney-client privilege to confuse court proceedings and withhold important documents.

Confusion in the Court 

A memorandum has been filed by Ira Kleinman, who is the brother of the late scientist, challenging Wright’s privilege designations in the Southern District court in Florida.

“To  say that  discovery, in  this case, has been challenging  would be a dramatic understatement,” the memorandum says, “An  adversary [Wright] who submits false declarations, offers contradictory perjurious testimony  under oath, and submits false documents that even his own counsel are forced to disavow, severely hinders the ability to seek the truth.”

He alleges that Wright has stated privilege over 11,000 documents with another 2100 being declared over just weeks before the court proceedings. According to Kleinman, this is an attempt to confuse court proceedings and is proving counterproductive for any progress in the trial. It is also alleged that Craig Wright has created a myriad of a company, numbering up to the tens of thousands, in order to cover his tracks.

“Defendant cannot use these entities as both a sword (assertion of privileges) and a shield (claiming to not be able to access company documents),” the declaration says. 

It is also argued that many of the companies that were created for this purpose do not exist anymore and according to the law, the privilege a company enjoys dies with it and as such, Craig Wright should be forced to produce the documents he has been withholding.

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