It seems the drama that surrounds Craig Wright is not going to be stopping anytime soon and this time, it has to do with not only his constant claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto but also his ongoing dispute with the estate of David Kleinman who is a late businessman and a former partner of his. Wright is currently going through a lawsuit with the Kleinman estate over allegations that he stole up to billions of dollars of bitcoin from the late scientist which is a claim that Wright has denied so far in what has been a rather interesting series of court proceedings. 

Now, prices of bitcoin SV which is Craig Wright’s flagship token, have soared following his claim that he has gotten access to millions of dollars in bitcoin.

Soaring Prices 

This stash of money that Wright says he has access to is called the Tulip Trust and is a $1.1 million pool of bitcoin that was mined allegedly by both him and Kleinman when they were still business partners. According to the law, half of the stash should have gone to the Kleinman’s estate upon his death but this did not happen and this led Ira, the brother of Kleinman, to launch a suit against Craig Wright.

This all started after a 2015 investigation pointed to Craig Wright as well as Kleinman as the possible inventors of bitcoin and they were also rumors of a contract that passed on the entirety of the stash to Craig Wright which triggered the lawsuit. In the course of the lawsuit, Craig Wright has been found in contempt of the court for failing to provide a list of all the bitcoin he has owned before 2013 and now he has until February 3, 2020, to provide evidence of the stash.

Wright’s lawyers have now filed a new claim with the court stating that he has gained access to the stash and if it is true, this could lend some credibility to his claims of being Satoshi Nakamoto.

“Dr. Wright notifies the Court that a third party has provided the necessary information and key slice to unlock the encrypted file, and Dr. Wright has produced a list of his bitcoin holdings, as ordered by the Magistrate Judge, to plaintiffs today,” the paperwork says. 

In what might be a response to this news, bitcoin SV opened the trading day at $193.99 and eventually rose to high as $447.13 before falling to around $388.

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