One of the most commonly debated topics within the cryptocurrency industry is the identity of Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin. Satoshi is considered the father of the modern cryptocurrency industry as his whitepaper set the stage for a whole new industry and he is considered an icon of modern technology. A number of people have been rumored to be Satoshi Nakamoto but one person who has repeatedly claimed this title is Craig Wright, an Australian computer scientist. Wright is mostly mocked and disbelieved by the crypto community but continues to push this claim. 

Now it seems even those outside the cryptocurrency industry disbelieve Craig Wright as William Shatner, the Canadian actor that played Captain Kirk in the original Star Trek series, recently tweeted on February 11, 2020, that he does not believe that Wright is truly Satoshi Nakamoto.


This saga began after Shatner tweeted that he had attended a cryptocurrency event and another Twitter user responded to his tweet saying that he hoped ‘fake Satoshi’ was not there.

“Ask yourself why would someone claim to be Satoshi and offer zero proof? Either put up or shut up, right?” Shatner tweeted. 

After Shatner clarified that indeed it was Craig Wright that was being discussed as ‘Fake Satoshi’, a supporter of Wright’s responded and stated that Wright is indeed Satoshi Nakamoto and bitcoin SV is his true vision.

“Why can’t he prove it? From what I’ve read is that some mysterious bonded courier would deliver the keys (which honestly is a scene right out of Back to the Future.)  If he is, he should be able to prove it. This is like the modern day search for Anastasia,” Shatner responded. 

This is likely in reference to the tulip trust which is a collection of bitcoins worth almost $10 billion for which Wright stated the keys will be handed to him via courier. This is part of his ongoing trial with the estate of a late scientist who he is alleged to have stolen bitcoin from.

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