One of the most controversial public figures within cryptocurrency is undoubtedly Craig Wright as he has been involved in numerous scandals and feuds with those within the Crypto industry. One of his most consistent sources of scandal is his claim of being Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of bitcoin. In 2019, Wright found himself in a legal dispute with the estate of David Kleinman, who is a late scientist on allegations that he stole up to $5 billion worth of bitcoin from Kleinman before his death, a claim that he has publicly denied though the legal proceedings are still ongoing.

Now, a US judge has stated that the previous order requiring Craig Wright to give up half of his bitcoins will not be going through after all.

Changing Tide 

The ruling in question was made by U.S. Magistrate Judge Bruce Reinhart in August 2019 and was in relation to $1.1 million worth of bitcoin that Wright and David Kleinman allegedly mined before his death. However, a new ruling in the southern Florida district court on January 10, 2019, by Judge Beth Bloom has deemed that the previous ruling was improper.

The basis of dismissal, according to Judge Bloom, is that the issue at hand which was the partnership between Kleinman and Wright did not necessarily relate to the discovery which is the number of bitcoins that were mined. Judge Reinhart had stated that Wright had perjured himself by providing false documents in the case. Judge Bloom has however stated that Craig Wright should repay the legal fees to the Kleinman estate which had previously been ordered. The estate had already requested repayment of legal fees to the tune of $650,000 back in 2019 and Write had responded asking for the motion to be thrown out stating that the hours worked and the amount charged was actually reasonable.

In the meantime, Wright has been ordered to inform the court if a mysterious courier arrives with his final key slice so that he may access his bitcoin holdings even though the judge has expressed skepticism about whether or not this will happen.

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