One of the reasons why bitcoin blockchain and cryptocurrency are so interesting to the public is because they are very progressive technologies whose potential has not been fully explored and this means there is a lot that can be done with them in the future. This has led to sci-fi type predictions about blockchain taking over the world and cryptocurrency leading us into a future with physically-held money is a relic of the past and where everything is done by machines. While this might be an exaggeration on some fronts, there is certainly evidence of blockchain and cryptocurrency forming a part of a greater future.

It seems this future might be closer than we think as singer Akon recently announced that his AKON city in Senegal would be launching very soon and this heavily incorporates blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Coming Soon 

The city in question will be a rather futuristic one that will make use of Akoin at the center of its transactional life and will basically be a crypto-powered city.

“Just finalized the agreement for AKON CITY in Senegal. Looking forward to hosting you there in the future,” the singer tweeted. 

The future city will be located on a 2000 acre parcel of land that was gifted by the Senegalese government and will be its first Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED)-certified city. Great progress is already taking place on the project as the singer recently signed the memorandum of association with SAPCO, Senegal’s state-owned tourism department and in a recent interview, stated that the project will be done in different stages. The first stage of building already began in 2019andon the second phase will allegedly run until 2025.

As for Akoin, the singer stated that the beta website for the token will launch very soon and that his goal is to “rising entrepreneurs with digital and real-life tools and services; and enabling brands to unlock the power of Africa’s rising economy.”

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