Crypto prices have plummeted dramatically over the years, hackers have turned this into a goldmine and are ripping big, a report has read.

A cybersecurity firm by the name Carbon Black presented a report about this recently. In detail, the report takes us through the tactics hackers have been using to obtain user information deep in the web undetected; the stolen information is then given to people for a small price. Monero, a very popular botnet, has widely been used by hackers to capture user data including names and other sensitive data such as IP addresses. The bot gives the hackers’ ample time to mine whatever they want in any given website or database seamlessly. Further, the bot can access super-sensitive information such as passwords when well twerked by hackers.

About 500000 computers have fallen victim to this deadly Trojan, which has been secretly collecting data. The mining protocol went by the name monero, which manifest itself in sophisticated ways that gullible users can never detect anything while doing their business; estimates show that up to 89000 Trojans were generated in the hacking process. The majority of people affected came from Russia and most parts of Eastern Europe.

The hackers used sophisticated software to stay anonymous. In additional, a data collection software was embedded in the target machines. Hackers used complex techniques to come up with a complete data-mining beast by combining a series of GitHub software. The software is freely available, and with some few twitches, the hackers were able to get what they were looking for in the web.

The machines, it is alleged were sold off in the black market deep within the dark web. Infected computers went for about $6.75 in the dark web, putting all the machines together in the equation; we have a staggering $1.69 million in the hackers account. For individuals who are a bit near, renting option was available to them, prices rose according to the type of information they needed.  

In a broader perspective, one monero coin went for about $9000, now when computing the net worth of the group; it is a whopping $3.29 million. The report says.

These malicious acts are the reason why the prices of Monero coins have been on a downward trend over the years. The report further gives essential tips to prevent such acts in future. It urges all players in the crypto industry to put up airtight security measures to better curb this menace.

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