It has been set up almost conventionally that everyone who lives under government rule is compelled to pay taxes and use the legal tender by order of that government’s control. In most countries, everyone who has a job must contribute a portion of their earnings to the government.

For instance, a part of payroll taxes in the US goes towards safety nets Concepts like Medicare and Social Security. 70% of Americans income tax goes towards national defense, Healthcare, security problems, interest on the national debt, education, energy, and agriculture.

1/4 of the funds go directly to the military, and the average American family paid USD 12000 in income tax in 2018. This is notwithstanding the fact that most of the safety nets and healthcare systems are in shambles, roads are filled with potholes, bridges are failing, and the education system is also failing. The only thing that continues to grow in the US is the military.

Governments have been creating a monetary system meant to enrich the representatives and their close friends. Even then, the money system is manipulated and inflated so severely with every year that the nation’s citizens are forced to accept more taxes.

In the year 2009, the Bitcoin network went online. Since then, the monetary game has changed, and people now have the tools in cryptocurrency to disregard the role of Central money management. In the summer of 2015, shapeshift CEO, Erik Voorhees explained how we all learned 100 years ago about the separation of church and state.

He detailed that at the time humans realized the practice was immoral, and he continues to say that he believes that with the state currently having control over money; the system today is rotten to the core. He says that “the state could tell you that to worship and how, when, and why. Somehow society realized perhaps that it was an ethical, that we shouldn’t permit control of everything so personal and important to your life to be controlled by the state.”

He also told a crowd in Dallas that “money is as fundamental to our lives as religion and for many people, it is far more fundamental to their lives as a religion it affects how life turns out. The choices that you make about money dictate the ramifications of life and those around you. So, to have money so controlled by a central entity-by a monopoly-is absurd. It is immoral. We should get rid of it.”

Bitcoin and an array of other cryptocurrencies now offer people a monetary system where there is no intermediary to trust. Instead of using Fiat money, which is predicated by force and violence, individuals and organizations can voluntarily choose to use a system that is transparent, permissionless, censorship-resistant, reliable, fast, and empowering.

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