As a new decade begins, there are endless predictions about the future of various industries and this goes from oil and gas, energy, entertainment and so on. Naturally, the cryptocurrency industry is also part of this mix as it is entering any decade of significant growth and maturity. As such, there are predictions as to what the industry will be by the year 2030 in terms of cryptocurrency use, blockchain developments, and overall acceptance. These range from predictions of bitcoin becoming the global currency to cryptocurrency as a whole being wiped out.

According to venture capital firm Andersen Horowitz, bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies will be essential by the year 2030 for influencer marketing and product placement.

Influencers of the Future

This information was published on December 20, 2019, and it states that by the year 2030, things such as avatars will be a commonplace concept in everyday life and we will also see cryptocurrency take a bigger role in influencer marketing.

“The influencer can reach hundreds of her fans instantaneously. In turn, the fans can get paid instantly for giving this feedback. They can choose to get paid in a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Libra, or they can choose to get paid in Influencer Coin,” the report says. 

It is also stated that these influencer coins can act as fans of an influencer buying a stake in their rise in popularity and future profits the same way employees of the company may receive equity in the company. Seeing certain celebrities have released their own cryptocurrencies, this prediction does not seem too far off as cryptocurrency and influencer marketing are very prominent industries that are on the rise and are expected to become even greater in the next decade.

Andersen Horowitz is not the only one giving predictions about bitcoin’s future as ZenGo wallet CEO Ouriel Ohayon recently published his sarcastic 2020 bitcoin predictions.

“Bitcoin will crash to sub-1000 USD; all hardware wallets will be hacked; Tron/XRP will become the most important cryptocurrency; Satoshi identity will be revealed and will be disappointing; Trump will stack sats on twitter; Lightning will have glorious adoption,” he says. 

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