OneCoin is one of the most famous cryptocurrency exit scams in recent time and even though the company somehow continues to function despite the discovery of the various crimes that took place under the umbrella of the company, the case continues to unravel. One of the co-founders has already pled guilty to money laundering charges and is looking towards 90 years in prison and Mark S. Scott, who was the lawyer for another co-founder popular called the CryptoQueen, was recently charged for taking $50 million as payment for helping her to launder money to the tune of almost $400 million. 

Now, the details come in and Mark S. Scott has been found guilty by a Manhattan jury of laundering $400 million for the CryptoQueen.

A Guilty Verdict 

The guilty verdict was reported on November 21, 2019, and the Jury was comprised of six men and six women have decided to find Scott guilty of his crimes. Previously, it was reported that Scott’s defense lawyer had argued that he was unaware of the scam going on at OneCoin but the judge did not buy that defense. His former law firm, Locke Lord, has also distanced themselves from him and stated that his activities took place after he had left the organization.

OneCoin during its heyday was able to raise up to $4.4 billion and according to official documents, Scott had used a combination of offshore accounts, false identities, and fraudulent corporations to launder the money and his guilty verdict was reached around a four hour period. The CryptoQueen, however, continues to be on the run as authorities are searching for her but her brother, who is also a co-founder, and her lawyer have already been apprehended by authorities.

Konstantin Ignatov, the co-founder of OneCoin and the brother of the CryptoQueen, also testified on the trial again Scott and stated that she had obtained a passport and tickets to parts of the world from her home and that she had often bragged about being connected with a very powerful Russian individual. She had also expressed fear about those around her would try to give her up to the authorities.

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