The dark web is one of the most fascinating parts of the Internet and for good reason. Is cannot be accessed through traditional browsers and offers a great level of privacy. However, this is not necessarily what makes it interesting but rather what goes on in the dark web as they have been theories of everything from the sale of drugs to human trafficking to the hiring of assassins. With the advent of cryptocurrency, those who carry out illegal activities over the dark web found a new medium of payment but even then, authorities seem to be cracking down on their activities. 

According to an October 19, 2019 court order, a man named Christopher Bania is being required to forfeit almost 17 bitcoins worth approximately $150,000 and this has to do with his dealings across the dark web.

Caught in the Act 

The exact amount of bitcoin to be seized from Bania is 16.91880054 and these are currently in his LocalBitcoins account. While it is a substantial amount, the court will also be returning 124 bitcoins as well as other cryptocurrencies and $50,000 to him that were seized at the time of his arrest. 

Initially, Bania’s  charges were of drug possession, the owning of a drug property and money laundering though he only pleaded guilty to possession of a controlled substance with intention to distribute. This carries a sentence of 20 years and while Banaia admits to selling marijuana, cocaine, MDMA and LSD over the dark web, he denies that he was selling heroin cocaine base and meth and methamphetamines that were found in his home.

The investigation from the authorities began when two packages from Belgium were intercepted by border patrol which contained MDMA and due to Bania’s record of all his distribution is dark web activities, more could be uncovered. It is clear that the cryptocurrency has become a tool of choice for those who operate on the dark web to ensure anonymity but this case shows that they can still be caught by law-enforcement.

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