If something we can highlight about 2019 has been the wave of blockchain adoption cases and this time, this company takes its turn. Under an open source license, Dragonchain is a public-private hybrid Blockchain platform that seeks to facilitate the development and integration of applications.

US blockchain technology company DragonChain yesterday launched its central Blockchain platform under an open source license.

After three years since its first announcement, it finally launched its Blockchain platform live. In a press release, the creators explained that the launch will boost adoption between companies and developers looking to build their own Blockchain-based applications.

What exactly is DragonChain?

Dragonchain was originally developed at the Disney office in Seattle in 2015. However, a group of former Disney employees was the one who developed the project and in 2016 launched the open source platform and created the Dragonchain Foundation, a non-profit corporation profit that is maintaining the Dragonchain protocol.

The project is based on the fact that through smart contracts companies can interact parallel chains to the main chain of what their blockchain is, of course, protecting their sensitive information.

The platform is public and private hydride. For us to understand, this platform gives companies the opportunity to develop a private blockchain and use it internally and, at the same time, be public, allowing people outside the company or other institutions to interact with that particular company through this blockchain.

Dragonchain simplifies the integration of real business applications into a blockchain and provides features such as easy integration, data protection and business operations, currency agnosticism, and multi-currency support.

Dragon’s Blockchain: Explained

Dragon is a company that offers Blockchain services, providing flexibility to developers looking to build their own applications in smart contracts. According to the statement, Dragonchain’s public-private hybrid architecture allows a company to maintain control over sensitive business information.

In addition, its patented technology allows interoperability with other Blockchains, such as the Ethereum private network. In this way, it provides the freedom to display data selectively on public networks.

The Dragon project dates back to 2014, when for the first time The Walt Disney Company decides to take the course of Blockchain technology. At that time, the project became known internally as “Disney’s Private Blockchain Platform”. In 2016, Walt Disney approved the release of the original code, which was created from scratch by Joe Roets, founder and CEO of Dragonchain.

However, the project was later discarded as its own. Initially, Disney originally conceived Dragonchain as an asset management platform based on Blockchain, but in 2016 it archived the project and launched it as open source software. In early 2017, a group of former Disney employees resurrected the project and decided to raise funds through a crowdsale that lasted exactly one month, from October to November.

It is currently safe to say that Dragon contributes with robust code that will allow any developer to explore new and innovative use cases.

Who is behind the Project?

Joe Roets is the architect, founder and executive director of Dragonchain. He has more than 20 years of experience in software architecture, focused mainly on security and scalability. He is most known for creating and leading multiple new age startups in the 90s.

Roets stands as an actual leader in Blockchain technology, proving himself by contributing to very important projects (Overstock, Coinbase, Symbiont and The Walt Disney Company) in this space for over 9 years.

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