Eligma has recently made an announcement revealing that it has completed a new funding round. Following the funding round, the Startup has managed to drum up a total investment of 40 million Euros with the support and participation from bitcoin.com and Pangea blockchain fund. The Startup is the proprietor of Elipay, the platform that accepts crypto payments and also boasts online shops where merchants can receive their settlements in Fiat currency of the locality.

The Startup was initiated in public crowd sale in the year 2018 and has moved to establish itself with more than 450 locations in Slovenia Croatia and Turkey. It serves to accept cryptocurrencies regularly. The new investment from the funding round will help to enable the Startup to achieve its global expansion strategies by expanding its services to even more markets cutting across the globe where traders, investors, and even merchants would want to add support for crypto payments at their point-of-sale.

“Daily, we are being contacted by merchants and companies from various countries where cryptocurrencies already represent an essential alternative to the local currency or Fiat in general. This is not only an essential recognition of all our hard work and persistence but is also proof of the practical utility over ideas and Solutions. We are proud to have raised the interest of bitcoin.com and Pangea blockchain and whose investment reflects their belief that our solutions have global market potential. “The above sentiments were issued by the chief executive officer of enigma Dejan Rlogic.

Elipay has made it a possibility to create Bitcoin City, which is a massive shopping mall that contains over 500 shops where many of them do accept crypto payments in the Slovenian capital. It is estimated that this Centre of commerce receives about 21 million entrants, enthusiast, buyers, and merchants in a year. It also breaks the record of being the world’s first location to have as many business enterprises accepting cryptocurrencies under one roof.

The Startup Eligma has also revealed it has plans underway to expand this concept of Bitcoin City and to utilize Elipay to more and more cities around the world. Other than giving businesses in their locality the power to make and accept payments in the form of cryptocurrency, Eligma has made significant steps to put Slovenia on the recognition trail, in terms of crypto entrepreneurs and developers.

As it stands, Slovenia is a global frontrunner in as far as the number of brick-and-mortar enterprises and providers of service who accept Fiat and crypto at the same time are concerned.  With its population of around two million people, Slovenia houses more merchandising enterprises that can make and receive bitcoin cash payments than the United States.

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