Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla, shaking the crypto community again, jokingly said that “Bitcoin is not my safe word”

Recently, Elon Musk stirred the crypto community on Twitter again. The founder and CEO of SpaceX and Tesla, and co-founder of Paypal, joked that Bitcoin is not his safe word.

“Bitcoin *not* is my safeword”

The millionaire entrepreneur continues to move the crypto community

Musk’s tweet has already gone viral according to the crypto community standards on Twitter, obtaining 5,000 retweets and 60,000 likes at the time of writing this note, and earning hundreds more likes per minute as time passes.

The Moon, a popular cryptocurrency analyst, took advantage of the tweet as an opportunity to promote Bitcoin among Musk’s 30 million followers. The Moon responded to Musk’s comment by publishing his thesis on what makes BTC valuable.

Peter McCormack, a leading podcaster in the Bitcoin industry, tried to make Musk join him in his podcast. Meanwhile, Ethereum developer Anthony Sassano tried to dig deeper into the businessman’s opinion about Ethereum.

Bitcoin 2020, the Twitter account for the event with the same name, also responded to Musk’s random tweet with a thoughtful emoji, to which the billionaire tech entrepreneur responded with a wink.

The price of Bitcoin has not reacted to this tweet. If Musk had instead tweeted “buy BTC,” it might have been different, but apparently he can’t do it because of his previous tweets.

Jokes aside, Musk is a BTC fan

Although Musk often refers to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a joke (he joked that he was the executive director of Dogecoin during American April Fools’ Day in April 2019 and once mysteriously tweeted “Do you want to buy something from Bitcoin?”, Responding to his previous tweet that said “I love anime”), Musk is a genuine fan of the technology behind Bitcoin and other digital assets. In July, Musk would join forces with Jeff Bezos to launch 3,200 satellites to give the Internet to the world.

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