The accusations of scam are not strange to cryptoverse, specifically from known companies. In this case, CX Technologies Ltd (parent company of DX. Exchange) has been charged by its own employees, who submitted a request to dissolve the exchange.

Earlier this month DX. Exchange, which worked with Nasdaq technology, closed its doors. According to reports, its employees have not received their salary for the months of September and October. The company has run out of funds in its accounts and are in the process of bankruptcy, so that the same entity is trying to carry out a process of absorption or merger, which presumably will not take place. The same owner of DX. Exchange has positioned itself in favor of continuing the bankruptcy process.

On the other hand, other service providers have sued the parent CX Technologies Ltd for non-payment recently. Among these companies we find: White Hat Ltd, Bee2See Dotan BS Solutions, Malam Team, among others. These companies are related to services such as cyber security, customer search.

The same DX CEO. Exchange, Daniel Skowronski, has spoken. He has said that he has applied for an MTF license, permission for a self-regulated trading center where a stock market is established, for another entity. This makes it clear that Skowronski himself intends to disregard this project and start a new one.

It has been made public that, through the request of the same employees, more than 55 DX Exchange employees were involved in binary scams in Israel some years ago. This together with the fact that the same exchange was the successor of SpotOption, intervened in 2018 by the FBI, showed a somewhat dark future for this same

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