Ethereum has announced plans to launch a platform called Studio. The platform will aim at giving technical expertise for deploying decentralized applications, and distributed Ledger technology projects on the network. As per a blog post on August 8, 2019, the studio platform and its creation have the focus of simplifying the deployment of the decentralized applications and blockchain projects on the Ethereum classic network to Ethereum Classic Labs Core and Ethereum Classics Labs Accelerate.

The Ethereum classic studio will also seek to avail technical expertise for managing all kinds of crypto-based crowdfunding and help projects that are looking to expand or even launch in the market via the Ethereum classic blockchain. The Studio’s development has the primary focus of allowing startups DLT projects and established businesses to have access to the benefits that the Ethereum classic network offers.

At the beginning of the year, Ethereum classic suffered a 51-percent attack in which USD 1 million of ETC worth was spent twice. Following the double spending, all BTC, transactions were subsequently halted although temporarily on many exchanges. Despite the significant hiccup, the network did not receive a nearly considerable backlash from the community and the crypto industry enthusiasts as would be expected. Ethereum surprisingly managed to bounce back quite efficiently following the updates to its security code. As per the ETC team, Ethereum classic blockchain has grown to become one of the greatest and exciting subjects to professional developers who are out looking and seeking to launch decentralized applications. “We are excited to offer our technical and marketing experts to the growing community of Deb’s and business is building on Ethereum Classic.”

Terry Culver who is the CEO of Ethereum classic Labs. “With the dedicated developers in our core group along with our funding and mentorship programs in our Accelerate group studio brings it all together to continue to mature the Ethereum classic ecosystem “ETC Labs revealed, through an announcement on January 15, 2019, that the core Development Team will be overseeing and supervising the tools website for the optimal functioning of Ethereum classic based projects. As at present, the Ethereum, classic lab studio is up and running and completely functional. Startups and projects can now decide to employ the services offered by Studio, and this will enable them to get access to Ethereum Classic’s labs Core and Accelerate.

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